Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the Name of Love, Farewell to Straylow: Superflat Killing Machine!

Stray met his end in battle against the Cancer Gods.
He didn't go easy.
Various assorted bandits, killers, mercenaries, and middle managers
All went out like champs,
Before the gods themselves had to step in, make things right/wrong.
Stray is survived by the all-too-human traitor, Hudson,
But I'm not one to judge.
The human in us
Always betrays the godly,
Wouldn't you agree?
Special thanks to all who inspired Straylow: SKM over these past few years.
Stray's on his way to Valhalla, now,
Or maybe just the nearest Denny's-difficult to figure, these days!
Personally, I'd go with Denny's, but Stray always had to take it the hard way . . .

Imagery by WDT2099/Galliford.

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