Thursday, November 27, 2014


Garrett Gilchrist's Star Wars: Deleted Magic made Star Wars seem cool again. I especially like how the ending was re-scored to Jefferson Starship's "Light the Sky On Fire." It made the whole ending ceremony sequence seem like one of those end-of-season montages from The Wire. Of course, the videos have already been deleted from Vimeo. Star Wars shall cease being cool again, I suppose, although I still have a soft spot for the original trilogy novelizations. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic would probably be fun to play again someday.

Ah, well.

Nice while it lasted.

Sometimes you just gotta leave it to the superfans.

"Light the Sky on Fire" by Jefferson Starship:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Infinite Repeat Award: Sometimes the music is superior to the actual game, movie, cartoon, TV show, musician-you get the idea.

What if Janet Leigh decided to give the Bates Motel a pass, and just drive on to San Francisco?
What if she met a very disturbed, yet charming, Jimmy Stewart there in the City by the Bay?
Maybe they could help each other out.
I keep imagining this alternate reality as I listen to this piece of music
Over and over again.