Sunday, January 11, 2015

THE PERSISTENCE OF FICTION (2005-2009) Directed by Luis Gonzalez

Below, in four parts, is a movie called The Persistence of Fiction that I acted in waaaaaay back in 2005. It was a great shoot. The movie went through various cuts and versions and remixes from 2005 until writer/director Luis Gonzalez uploaded it to youtube in 2009. Probably one of my favorite creative experiences during that period in my life, and, so far, of all time.

It was written/directed/edited/scored by Luis Gonzalez.
1st Director of Photography was Krishna Mali.
2nd Director of Photography was Luis Gonzalez.

Starring Luis Gonzalez, Neesha Anderson, Maggie Ginestra, Len Aslani, Ken Jordan, and Lane Forsman. Champions all.

I play Feyera and Dark Feyera, twin manifestations of a sinister agent of some mysterious trans-temporal secret police agency.

The Persistence of Fiction was microbudget indie cinema, shot on old-school digital video tape. That's right. Tape. But the mindset and approach that Luis and his chief collaborator Krishna Mali brought to the project was both professional and experimental. They behaved as though they were making a real film. There were rehearsals. Actors had some input into the script. There were improvisations, rewrites, all kinds of adventure.

It was hella good fun.

Mr. Gonzalez is also the force behind Lavas Magmas, an experimental ambient-drone-industrial attack music mecha based in Portland, OR.

The Persistence of Fiction part 1:

The Persistence of Fiction part 2:

The Persistence of Fiction part 3:

The Persistence of Fiction part 4:
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