Saturday, May 23, 2015

Scribble with extreme care

Sometimes if you make a palimpsest out of a page
You call forth an angry demon.
Some of these page spirits are super-uptight, ya'll.
They see it as defacing their home medium.
And I looked at this spectral beast's Facebook profile:
Nothing but American flags, bald eagles,
the usual Benghazi dog whistle bullshit,
and "NIXON'S STILL THE ONE" t-shirts.
But most vile of all,
Beneath all the war-mongering homophobic anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist armor
Was a vulnerable, needy mini-devil,
Desperately in need of  validation,
Reaching out in its own pathetically reactionary online post-modern identity performance art way-
I'm too much the bleeding heart,
Even with this kind of trash.
Scribble with extreme care.
-Picture/Text by William D. Tucker, April-May 2015

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