Monday, November 7, 2016

On line to vote

Standing on line to vote early for Clinton
wishing I could back someone who didn't have a hand in Dubya and Cheney's Iraq War,
but goddamned if I'm giving the Trumpkin Thug any parts of a chance.
So Clinton's the one.

behind me
an elderly conservative Vietnam veteran
about the length of the line
the time of the wait
how he was spat on by hippies
I have no idea if he even served in the military
lots of people lie about it
he looks and sounds the part, though

I think about my fantasy movie version of Final Fantasy VI
Directed by King Hu
Music by Bernard Hermann and Nobuo Uematsu
Special Effects by Eiji Tsubaraya, Ray Harryhausen, and Jim Henson
Make-up effects by Jack Pierce and Dick Smith
Starring Elsa Lanchester as Terra
Richard Widmark as Kefka
Paul Robeson as Cyan
Toshiro Mifune as Shadow
Veronica Lake as Celes
Tatsuya Nakadai as Locke
Errol Flynn as Edgar
Bruce Lee as Sabin
Orson Welles as Gestahl
David Bowie as Leo
and William D. Tucker as Setzer
(I got the hair for it)
Glorious black and white cinematography by Conrad Hall


Three citizens ahead
a man takes off his FSU ballcap
puts it down behind his belt at his lower back
as he stands next to the "Please Wait Here" sign
at the threshold of the voting place
like he's about to enter a house of worship.
I'm not a believer
but amen.


Total wait: 17-20 minutes.
The time flew
as I orchestrated the Returners' final assault on Kefka's Tower.
Only Terra,  Sabin, and Shadow survive.
I'm a fan of Seven Samurai and the Dirty Dozen.
Setzer's my favorite,
but the character is clearly on a death trip in my interpretation.
He never expected to give a fuck,
but that's where he landed.
The gambler just wants his obliteration to count for something, is all.
Victory's toll,
victory's tragedy.

I put my "I Voted" sticker on my jacket,
walk out of the polling place,
back into my head,
my pocket universe of impossible cinema.

-October-November 2016
Copyright 2016 William D. Tucker.
All rights reserved.
Used with permission.

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