Friday, July 14, 2017


by William D. Tucker

I filled a notebook with backstory for this intergalactic cyborg emperor
only to light it on fire
did every sense memory exercise I could derive from Stanislavski,
did my own solo impro explorations as per Spolin,
but all it is now is evil metal man swings sword
you don't even see my face in the final version
which works I guess
I look like a baby-faced Tony Curtis so I get that
now I'm a metal plate with two glowing eye slits
no mouth, nose-how does this guy eat, drink, kiss, smoke, snort, give oral pleasure?
most of the lines were stripped out,
less talk, more action,
and then they put all kinds of effects on the voice over,
scrapped the mo-cap in favor of this eye-fucking Transformers-esque undulating ball of steel gimmick
I mean we spent six weeks doing mo-cap,
and now I hear they're going to de-make it further
to be a cut scene straight out of the NES era
because 1980s nostalgia isn't lo-fi enough
so we're plunging into 8-bit
so why the fuck not?
I'm not even thinking of myself as an actor at this point
I'm an input
I'm an input, just one discrete factor among many on this shitshow
it'll probably end up as the highest grossing movie of the year
and people will say they love it
and then those same people will forget it, be totally over it in 5-7 days just like the common cold
and then I'm just another pretentious big shit actor fuck who needs to crawl back to the theatre
at the very least
absolute minimum
that paycheck?
total reality that
-November 2015

Copyright 2015 by William D. Tucker. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 
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