Sunday, July 2, 2017

Suitmation III: Pride of the Void

Suitmation III: Pride of the Void
by William D. Tucker

monsters of pure design
well up out of that void
just beyond my tiny, derivative, tightly budgeted, director-oppressed imagination
fueled by two and a half packs of cigarettes
three pots of coffee

of course
no boozing in the workshop
save that for after hours bull session
in which the director, and all the producers shall be roundly mocked,
but we will go back into that workshop for the very next show
just to summon up another monster
of pure design

the pure design degrades into foam rubber, fiber optics, crude fireworks,
the odd puppet shot at a distance,

we keep telling ourselves we'll revive the stop motion techniques of Willis O'Brien
just schedule a decade for the post-production

the fluid, unearthly movements of  magnificent, terrifying grace I dream about
into pro-wrestling moves,
the infamous jumping happy dance,
that turned the director against me,
but won over the producers
because the money men are always children,
and they know what will make the kids cheer with delight-ha!

and though I long to loose the clash of eldritch deities
embodying grandiose principles of cosmic creation and destruction
I do delight in giving the young people wonderful fantasy
and if I also give our auteur director the finger over his cheapshit humanism into the bargain?
all the goddamn better!

maybe if the children
see that the world is absurd, terrifying, full of wonder;
that every monster,
every living thing is unique,
never again to be reincarnated;
and that we are not defined by flags, nation states, unthinking beliefs, money, or militarism;
that we are not doomed to be our fathers all over again,
maybe they'll grow up, say no to World War III-

but here I am lost in my own grandiose world saving dream,
my own perfectly monstered self
welling up out of the void
-June-July 2017

Copyright 2017 by William D. Tucker. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 
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