Sunday, August 13, 2017

Suitmation IX: Again we work, again we live

Suitmation IX: Again we work, again we live
by William D. Tucker

In the pipeline at last with our pre-modern historical panorama
We've collated our research and reconstruction on the Oldline Individuals
So much of their minds submerged
by so many contingent quirks of evolution
We have no idea if any of our dramatization is even close to accurate.
Our depiction is something like a chess game
with the individuals as pieces
and all their desires, instincts, property, laws, religions, illnesses, stray notions
as the players
it all takes place in the era prior to the advent of Free Will
the Great Cognitive Engineering Feat
which has an aura of romance in our time

We're amused
that an imperfect, probably mostly bullshit
historical re-enactment
is now destined
to take on the force of history
even when we know very well
the difference between history and entertainment

We'll have our moment with this one
a real breakthrough in the usual schedule of flickers
and most likely cycle out again into the exploitation programmers we've constructed for so many cycles
work those tropes to death after death

We may get our chance again
if we choose not to die
and those eons do grow long
dense with the free all practicing true choices
'til that priority pipeline just had to emerge, re-emerge, implement control and protocol
our chance will come again and again and again
if our mind(s) can endure the crushing boredom,
that weight of post-time time
where we're always choosing our moments
right up to the end which may not actually end anything
-August 2017

Copyright 2017 by William D. Tucker. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 
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